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5 essential colours you need for work

When you open up your wardrobe in the morning, you realise that your black outfits took up more than half the space. You usually pick out the same few pieces because you might think:

- "it looks classy"

- "it's hassle-free"

- "people will take me seriously at work."

These are very common issues among my clients. We might think black is the colours to fix every occasion we have. Sometimes, black can do more harm than good.

I have clients that wears black pieces that makes them looking more pale than they are or making their skin looking more yellowish than it was. So how can we break this curse?

Let me share with you 5 colours that will help to elevate your wardrobe from basic neutral colours to colours that works for your working environment!

1. White

Some of you might think that white is "easily dirtied" or "it's too bright". White outfits give people a sense of reliability, neat and organised.

Wouldn't this be perfect if your boss or your colleagues think you are capable with your work or when you are meeting clients, they feel a sense of security in trusting you with their business or investments?



White Top from Her Velvet Vase

White Blazer from Love, Bonito

White Pants from Pomelo Fashion

White Pants from Love, Bonito

2. Blue

If you are preparing for an important interview or meeting a client for the first time, blue is a colour that linked to impressions of trustworthiness and competence. So add on blue hues into your closet!



Blue Dress from Love, Bonito

Navy Dress from Chello

Navy Pencil Skirt from Love & Bravery

Periwinkle Blazer from Love, Bonito

3. Red

If you are going to persuade or impress your boss or your client, or even presentation, red is definitely a colour to put on. Red also represents passion and power, so why not shows them what you've got?



Red Top from Saturday Club

Red Pencil Skirt from Love, Bonito

Red Dress from Chello

Red Blazer from Love, Bonito

4. Brown

Brown is the colour of the earth, the colour that speaks of reliable, strong and stable. That's how people who often wear brown and its shades are perceived by others.


Brown Top from Saturday Club

Brown Top from Zara

Brown Sweater from Mango

Brown Pants from Mango

Brown Dress from Lara 'J

5. Grey

Grey is the colour of balance, which is neither consider dark or light colour. Grey is also a colour that gives people a sense of maturity. If you'll like to be taken seriously, grey is also another option besides black.


Grey Shirt from Love, Bonito

Grey Pants from Zalora

Grey Blazer from Zalora

Grey Dress from Chello

Grey Dress from Lara 'J

I hope this post will help you to understand how colours can help you in your workplace or increase confidence to your million dollar client. But I must also let you guys know that in each colour, there are warm and cool hues that will best suit your skin tone. If you'll like to know more on how it works most for you, you can check out how my online colour analysis benefits you! Or you can reach out to my email or DM me on instagram.

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