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    Gwen Janelle is a certified Style Coach™ that helps you identify your essential needs for your wardrobe, saving you thousands of dollars with just the right pieces.

  • Meet Gwen Janelle

    My passion is helping women discover their personal styles through one-on-one coaching.


    There is something empowering about watching women discover their personal styles and starting to wear them with confidence.


    When you feel good about the way you look, it permeates into other areas of your life and incredible things begin to happen!


    So I see myself as more than a style coach—I see myself as a life coach that can help you style up the life that you want.


    • Advanced Diploma in Style Coaching™ Institute
    • Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography, specialising in fashion photography
    • Worked in Shanghai for 2 years in multi-label luxury brand industry
    • Created and hosted fashion styling workshops to 400 women across China
  • Services

    Online Colour Analysis


    Want to know your 'WOW' colours that radiates your skin tone? Or saving time and money on shopping to weed through the mass selection of clothing in an instant?


    Simply send in pictures of you (don’t worry, they can easily be taken with your phone!) and complete a 15 minutes questionnaire.


    Upon payment, you will receive a customised physical and PDF booklet detailing what is your personal colour palette. It also includes recommendations on make up for eyeshadow, cheek, lipstick and hair colour chart. Comes with a pocket sized physical colour palette so you can bring it along your next shopping trip.


    1-to-1 Style Forth Coaching


    Unsure of how to create that ‘put together’ look you admire on others you see? Or wanting to know how to flatter your body-shape and want to learn how to best style it? Or you want to create your own signature sense of style?


    In this 2 hours session, we help you to identify your 12 seasonal colour through the Munsell Colour System, your style personality and a precise body profile reading to know what works and doesn't for your lifestyle need.


    You will receive everything from our Online Colour Analysis and an 8-page physical and PDF booklet of clothing style that flatter your figure.



    Personal Shopping Session


    Having to spend long hours to sieve through clothing that looks like what you already have in your wardrobe? Or spend days to look for the perfect outfit for your date, job interview or important occasion?


    We will pre-shop for you to source for flattering pieces from various stores. All you need to do is turn up at the appointment time to try on the outfits.


    In this 2 hours session* together, we will assemble 3 outfits following your body & colour profile, according to your lifestyle needs and budget.


    You will receive a personalised PDF Look Book for the pieces we have put together for your easy referencing.



    Wardrobe Organisation


    Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to think about what to wear in the morning? To not have to think about what mixes and matches? Or to have a closet that represents who you are (or what your brand is)?


    In this 2 hours session* together, we will retain only outfits that represent and accentuate your new style in your wardrobe. This includes a comprehensive review of every clothing and accessory item to suit your body type, skin tone and style.


    You will receive your very own Look Book which includes everything mentioned in the packages above.



  • What Client Have Said

    Yuhui, Tay

    Founder of '13rushes'

    For years, I’ve had an exploding wardrobe but ironically felt like I have nothing to wear. Despite a wardrobe full of trending colours and design, nothing seems to work for me. It was absolutely frustrating.


    After years of staring at myself in the mirror, I still could not figure my colours out. Until I met Gwen.. It was only through Style Forth's 1-to-1 Coaching and Personal Shopping Session, which I discovered I’ve been shopping wrong all these while. Dusty, muted colours made me (a light spring) look washed out, and drop-waist dresses gave my pear shaped hips more emphasis than they should. Blacks and whites were thought to be my safe colours, but boy was I terribly wrong.


    I really love Gwen’s services as her session was carefully tailored for me. Apart from my skin tone and body shape, she considered if the clothing she chose would be suitable for my occupation, budget and personality. She was extra thoughtful throughout the session and I felt extremely comfortable sharing any concerns which I have with her.


    Shopping has always been a hobby for me, but Gwen really took this hobby to the next level. Her guides and tips were easy to remember. These days I know exactly what to look for, and shopping has become a treasure hunt. Now that I’m finally looking out for the right stuff, and not just making do, shopping has never felt this fulfilling!

    Gwen’s honest input, advise and keen eye for fashion has been invaluable. It was an empowering, insightful and emotional experience.


    I personally think Style Forth services are suitable for anyone, regardless of your age or background. Gwen makes fashion easy to understand, even for the lay person. I’m glad I made this investment for myself and I know I’ll be visiting Gwen again really soon for our next Wardrobe Organisation session!


    Shirley Soon

    Assistant Manager, CSR Advocate & Branding

    Working in a sports organisation, I wore dry fit t-shirt and sneakers on daily basis. As I was preparing for a corporate job interview, I realise how lacking my wardrobe was! In the past, I would have bought some clothes online or spend hours at departmental store. Not only was it both daunting and tiring, I was always disappointed with ‘the wrong buy’. Having spent money, time and effort, it’s exasperated to end up with clothing that just don’t make the cut.


    That’s when I decided to engage Style Forth’s Personal Shopping Session. Gwen chose a location containing major boutiques so we didn’t have to travel to and fro places. Based on my body shape, she picked outfits that suited the occasion and to my liking. Gwen was sensitive to made sure I was never pushed past what I didn’t fancy. At the same time, she made me comfortable exploring new styles that I didn’t dared to try on.


    With the new pieces purchased, I no longer look like a teenager going to Physical Education class. I looked mature, respectable and all ready to take on the corporate world. The confidence that I gained from my outlook translated to the job interview and bonus: I got the job!


    Cheryl Tan

    Senior Financial Advisor

    I got to know about Gwen’s services through a friend. She was strongly recommended. Gwen has a great eye for detail and is able to very quickly pick up what styles I’m comfortable with. She also adds a personal touch to everything she does and customises the whole experience for me.


    Before knowing Gwen, I didn’t know what colours worked for me. I’m someone who falls back on failsafe options when it comes to buying clothes and I tend to keep my shopping to a 30 min interval in between errands or appointments.
    She helped me to do a Style Forth Colour Analysis on my skin tone and also did a Personal Shopping Session with me. She is very comprehensive, I have learnt what colours work for me and what doesn’t and also what types of outfits would be more flattering.


    I recommend her services especially if your line of work requires you to be well groomed and presentable, with limited time outside of work to do so. Gwen has saved me a lot of time with her services and I’m looking forward to engaging her retainer services.





    Walking into a business meeting and instantly commanding the attention — and respect — of everyone in the room.


    Never thinking “I don’t know what to wear” ever again. Instead, effortlessly throwing together a look that’s always amazing.


    Meeting with friends for drinks, and having men turn their heads when you walk through the bar.


    I want to help you look good.


    When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, good things happen to YOU in your career, your relationships and in other area in your life.


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